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Tac Taz Background:

TAC TAZ-trucks

TAC TAZ Group of Companies take the heritage of three generations of high quality & sincere services which are being performed since the beginning of the 20th century up to date in different model of entrepreneurships & under many categories by our forefathers, mainly in terms of trade, transportation services, technique promotions, repairing and sale of vehicle spare parts and establishing engine workshops.

Tac Taz New Structure:

Since 1990 the type of these entrepreneurships, under the name of TAC TAZ & with leadership of Ms. Zarghona Walizada, were consolidated in a modern manner. And now it continues the past heritages in a modern way in framework of “TAC TAZ Group of Companies” in terms of trade, Logistics, Transportation, Transit, Freight Forwarding, Port Formalities, Loading & Offloading of the shipments ( with high quality and moderns equipments), warehousing & logistics.

Here are summarized details on TAC TAZ commercial company & TAC TAZ transportation, Transit & freight forwarding companies that all are the member of TAC TAZ Group of companies: